• XPOSE-20150925-104732-41-original

  • XPOSE-20150925-104732-41-corrected
  • XPOSE-20150925-105522-31-original
  • XPOSE-20150925-105522-31-corrected
  • XPOSE-20150925-105241-35-original
  • XPOSE-20150925-105241-35-corrected
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    WDR and Lowlight

    Enhance wide dynamic range and low light video to illuminate shadows, dark areas, and correct backlighting.

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    Sensor Agnostic

    Operates with any full color camera with commercially available formats and codecs.

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    Live and Post Processing

    Real time processing allows for live monitoring and forensic applications.

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    GPU Processing

    GPU driven processing poses minimal size, power, and processing burden on existing computing hardware.

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    User Friendly

    XPOSE is loaded with preset defaults to automatically find and correct problem areas within a scene.

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    Integration Options

    Integrated plugins, software development kits, and standalone user interfaces are available.

Integrated Plugin

Lentix is proud to announce the availability of an XPOSE plugin for Milestone clients.

SmartClient Instructions

Follow the link below for a demo of the SmartClient plugin in action!



Windows 7/8/10

  • Full Program with Supporting Libraries
  • Lentix User Interface
  • Streaming and stored media files
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VMS Plugins

Milestone SmartClient

  • Plug and Play installation
  • Enhance multiple channels
  • User friendly controls
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Platform & OEM

GPU Processing
  • Low latency processing
  • easy integration
  • minimal system size, power, and processing burden
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