About Us


To provide innovative imaging solutions that illuminate threats and increase visual information to our customers


Lentix provides wide dynamic range (WDR) and low light software solutions. Our products offer a range of integration options for existing security systems including integrated plugins, software development kits, and standalone software versions. Lentix also offers integrated sensor capabilities for Canon EOS cameras and other cameras used for covert surveillance operations.


Lentix was founded by Cheryl Bartley in 2004. While offering a variety of image production services, Cheryl found major capability gaps in the area of dynamic range imaging. In 2010 Lentix began research and development of automated software systems for dynamic range applications. Lentix successfully completed federal research and development overseen by the Army Research Lab, and in 2012 began development of XPOSE for sensor agnostic imaging services. After years in the government contracting sector Lentix has recently introduced product options specifically for the commercial security and video management software (VMS) market.